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Pundits and politicians work hard to slice our differences, whether racial, religious, sexual, generational, sectional, or educational, and, incidentally, not always to spew bigotry and hate, but to sell products, to beat their chests, and to wrest or retain power. If you or I were asked whether we respected life and human dignity, undoubtedly, we would answer, “Yes.” Asked if we were driven by prejudice, undoubtedly, we would answer, “No.” But a majority of Americans, judging from the rhetoric, support policies that separate immigrant families, or allow the mentally ill to wander the streets or languish in prison, or neglect the chronically homeless, or oppose gun control, oppose background checks that would mitigate escalating gun-related homicides. A fear-preaching few, some with an abundance of wealth, and others with a monopoly over the airwaves, influence a majority to cede the very American values that many claim fealty to, but that in their political soul turn away from the progress that has brought this country (kicking and screaming) out of the shadows of intolerance. If you agree with me, vote LIVE, otherwise, vote DIE.

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